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Quantum Ray Amplifier

Quantum Ray Amplifier Cosmic Crystalline Transmitter Pendant

Is a remarkable living divine cosmic consciousness! ~ This device has been specifically designed to effectively amplify & boost the power of your thoughts, and manifestations… over 1,000,000 times more powerful! ~ Simply by wearing this pendant! ~ This pendant can be safely and effectively used… (By Itself!) … Or With! … Our “Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate!” ~ The Advanced Quantum Matrix Manifestation Plate … has incredible power & effectiveness on its own! ~ Yet many whom experiment and use the manifestation plate… wish to boost the power of the manifestation plate! ~ Gaining maximum results, faster, and with more clarity! ~ If you are looking for the ultimate in powerful manifestation! ~ Then this optional Manifestation Accessory is definitely for you! ~ This is incredible powerful! & not a toy to be played with! ~ This is real energy! ~ Real transformation! ~ Real divine consciousness! ~ Real results! ~ May the pure infinite blessings be!

Item #: CDQRACC11 
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Quantum Ray Amplifier

Ancient Stargate of Deepness

Ancient Stargate of Deepness Crystal Soul Resonator Pendant

Brings forth your true soul expression… from the deepest part of your inner soul, the very ancient, wise and futuristic aspect of yourself! ~ The Divine (Ancient of days) ~ the total cosmic ocean of your own infinite depth! ~ Will start to flood into your present state of consciousness! ~ As you wear this pendant… old repetitive ideas, thoughts, and memories that no longer serve your highest well-being… begin to fade into the background! ~ While simultaneously merging you with your future self… which is gentle always perfectly guiding you… as your ( true higher self) that has coming back into the world of time… to oversee your transition… into the infinite worlds of true divine inner dreamy magical wonder! ~ This pendant is extremely powerful and real… This energy is directly linked to the current Ascension process that humanity is going through at this moment. All of humanities DNA is currently being upgraded and activated as we speak. We are turning into super evolved cosmic humans! This will be realized within this life time! ~ The crystalline deep mystical midnight blue Stargate energies! ~ Combined with the golden sun Stargate / golden tigers eye Stargate energies! ~ Produce a unique crystal resonator vortex of concentric radiating rings… undulating cosmic inner and outer synchronized harmonic perfection.. at the most Raw / Ra / Root / Source quantum level of your true unlimited infinite brilliant immaculate eternal beingness!

Item #: CDASDCS88
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Ancient Stargate of Deepness

 Celestial Trinity Guardian

The Celestial Trinity Guardian Pure (Holy Cross)
Light Resonator Pendant

Is a gift to Mankind. This pendant emerges from the deepest source of (True Source God Consciousness). Radiating a crystal clear blue dynamic protective guardian energy / pure Holy Spirit consciousness! ~ As light passes through the clear electronic aqua blue crystalline quantum diodes on the pendant! ~ Opulent pure blue rays form a perfect spiritual platinum shield of pure inner soul divine crystalline light! ~ Pure divine geometrical perfected holographic wave form harmonics! ~The Holy cross resonator on the other side of the pendant! ~ Purifies our souls intent… forming a perfect spiritual cross of pure Holy Spirit crystal clear consciousness!  ~ Wearing this pendant will immediate change your life! ~ As you become deeply aware of your own mystical inner self! ~ You naturally will dissolve, limited ideas, and repetitive thought forms… that have artificially held you back from experiencing your true unlimited pure magical divine eternal blissful self! ~ You are the Trinity! ~ You are the Guardian! ~ & ~ You are the Holy Cross! ~ As you become more and more aware of your true self… you will embody your true magical presence in every moment…effortlessly!

Let this balanced energy assist you in bringing balance to your life in all aspects. Let the magic of synchronicity, perfect timing, perfect beingness, & perfect bliss become your reality.

Item #: CDCTGPL33 
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Celestial Trinity Guardian

 Eternal Cosmic Love Genertor Pink

Eternal Cosmic Love Generator –
(Pink Crystalline Resonator) Pendant

Is extremely powerful yet gentle to the soul. This pendant embodies the very essence of the pure love molecule, an independent battery or self-rejuvenating and sustaining generator of the eternal love that binds all of the Universes, Dimensions and Life together. A deep penetrating energy that crosses all boundaries and is familiar to all. Surrender all of your worries to the Holy Spirit and Act in Truth and Love which are one in the same, and you shall feel the hand of the supreme creator holding yours, through every step of your life. You have not been forsaken, the love of the universe is always with you. You are so important you have no idea! The universe could not exist without you.

Always Remember! … You Are The Bringer Of Pure Love!
Everything Is Unconditional Love! ~ Until You Declare Otherwise!
And To Declare Otherwise? ~ Is To Resist Unconditional Love!

Look at everything with truth in your heart & love in your eyes…
And you shall see the loving truth in everything that you gaze upon…
Pure magical crystal clear everlasting divine shining brilliance!
You are pure divine everlasting magical wonder!

Item #: CDECLGPK62 
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Eternal Cosmic Love Generator (Pink)