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Eternal Cosmic Love Generator

Eternal Cosmic Love Generator – (Heart & Mind ~
Blue Crystalline Resonator) Pendant

Is very similar to the (Pink) version, yet this also contains masculine Heart and Mind Properties as well. A very potent energy radiates from this immaculate pendant!

This pendant embodies the very essence of the pure love molecule, an independent battery or self-rejuvenating and sustaining generator of the eternal love that binds all of the Universes, Dimensions and Life together. A deep penetrating energy that crosses all boundaries and is familiar to all. Surrender all of your worries to the Holy Spirit and Act in Truth and Love which are one in the same, and you shall feel the hand of the supreme creator holding yours, through every step of your life. You have not been forsaken, the love of the universe is always with you. You are so important you have no idea! The universe could not exist without you.

Many Attempt To Purify Their Own Thoughts… With Very Little Success!
Instead! (Purify Your Intentions! )
For Your Thoughts!? ~ Will Always Follow Your (True Intentions! )
Your True Intent …. Is What Always Guides Your Thoughts…
So Always Be Aware Of Your Intent…
For This Is Your Greatest Navigation Tool! ~ That You Have In Your Life!

The Very Moment You Align Your Intention… With Pure 100% Self Honesty!? ~ Is The Very Moment That You Will Allow True Divine Spiritual Unconditional Love! ~ To Manifest Into Your Reality! ~ Divine Inner Strength! ~ Deep Inner Peace! ~ Immaculate Eternal Wisdom! & Beautiful Magical Everlasting Truth! ~ That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Item #: CDECLGB22 
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Eternal Cosmic Love Generator

Universal Crystal Cosmic Gateway 432 Nexus

Universal Crystal Cosmic Gateway Plasma Light 432 Nexus Pendant

Is a very sophisticated conscious living energy radiator & transformer! ~ Bringing direct quantum holographic communication… from the inner truth of your higher mental body & true divine inner soul… into sharp detail and focus! ~ This pendant establishes a harmonic resonance with the Divine Solar Guardian of All Creation! ~ The Geometrical Mathematical Perfection Of Within This Pendant… Creates A Living Electrical Plasma Energy Circuit & Living Crystalline Field! ~That Envelopes Your Entire Being! ~ And Sets Up Resonance With The Inner Most Being Of All Of Creation! ~ The True Ocean of Love & Mercy! ~ The Ocean Of All Intelligence! ~ The Ocean Of All Magic, Innocence & Brilliant Wonder! ~ This Is Your True Home! ~ This Is Your True Natural Unlimited Blissful Being! ~ The Intricate Energy Wave Forms within This Pendant… Immediately Start To Prepare Your Entire Being… To Receive Higher Purified Etheric Energies… Which Heals & Balances Your (Etheric Body) – And As Such… Creates A Naturally Highly Aware…Relaxed… & Expanded… Heightened State Of All Of Your Senses! ~ For Now You Will Steadily Be Increasing Your (Light Quotient!) – The Amount of Pure Spiritual Intelligence… That You Can Hold & Resonate At Any Once Given Moment! ~ May The Pure Infinite Blessings Be!

The 432 Hz is a harmonic of 8 Hz (which is the low threshold of the Alpha brainwave) and has the ability to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain. Another interesting thing about 8 Hz is that it falls within the accepted range for the Schumann Resonance, which is the resonance of the Earth’s vibration. There has also been research done with Qigong Masters using a low frequency microphone to record the emissions from the palms of their hands while they were performing healing ceremonies. This “master healing frequency” was found to be 8 Hz, and since 432 Hz is a harmonic of 8 Hz, it also places you in harmonic resonance with the Earth and with the “healing frequency”. 432 Hz is said to be the Universal Harmonic Frequency at which all of life positively responds to. Resonate with the Cosmic Field of life!

Item #: CDUCCG432
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Universal Crystal Cosmic
Gateway 432 Nexus

Golden Light Ray of Radiant Inner Joy

Golden Light Ray of Radiant Inner Joy Pendant

Is sourced from the pure golden divine photonic rays of the divine everlasting brilliant inner peace of all creation! ~ The Golden Light Ray of Radiant Inner Joy will slowly start to unwind, dissolve, and heal your pain body (accumulated negative memories & hardened negative opinions!) ~ Establishing your emotional body, in a state where it is akin to a child which wakes up to a bright beautiful day full of joy! ~ Excitement! ~ Wonder! ~ Loving sunshine! ~ Bright warm colors the energy of youth and motivation! ~ Use this energy wisely to show you what awaits you in the higher worlds… beyond the emotional bondage that plagues mankind! ~ Comprehending ourselves, mastering ourselves, discovering all the wonders, talents, and gifts that we have! ~ Exploring our own infinite imagination, and developing our creativity! ~ Every day, in every way! ~ For life is all about play! ~ And the innocent magical wonder, of every beautiful brilliant living divine immaculate moment! ~ Truth is the highest vibration! ~ 100% beautiful brilliant truth! Is your true self!

Your whole reality consists, of you, attempting to interpret yourself correctly. ~ Thus it only makes sense, to be 100% honest with yourself! ~ So you can interpret yourself, with 100% clarity!

Would you want to wear, a pair of glasses that has mud all over the lenses!? ~ Of course not! ~ It would completely distort, and cover, your perfect clear vision! ~ You would want… a completely (crystal clear & sparkling clean) pair of glasses, so you can see perfectly & clearly… out of! ~ You are 100% pure beautiful truth! ~ You are 100% pure paradise!

Item #: CDGLRIJ33  
Price: $100.00 + Shipping  

Golden Light Ray of Radiant Inner Joy